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baker's dozen - $17

naked bagel -  $2

w/ cream cheese - $4

w/ flavored cream cheese - $4.5

w/ butter - $3

w/ jam - $3.50

w/ peanut butter - $3

w/ hummus - $4

w/ smoked salmon - $6

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  specialty    sandwiches

the batch: peppered bacon, avo, cheddar, oven-roasted turkey - $10

the bigfoot: ham, tomato, pepperoncini, pepper jack, spicy mayo - $10

the california roast beef: roast beef, swiss, sprouts, avo, horseradish, herbs, garlic, cream cheese - $10

the everything avocado: avocado w/butter or plain cream cheese topped with everything seeds - $7 add softy boiled egg $2 

the superveg: hummus, avo, tomato, sprouts, cucumber, onions, carrots - $10

the b.l.t bacon, lettuce, tomato - $10

B.Y.O.B: your choice of...  -$10

1 Meat - turkey, ham, bacon, roast beef

3 Veg - tomato, cucumber, sprouts, avo, onion

1 Cheese - cheddar, swiss, p.jack, provolone 

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mcfreshies: egg, meat, cheese -$8

choose your meat: bacon, sausage, ham, turkey or veggie sausage

choose your cheese: cheddar, swiss, pepper jack or provolone

grateful veggie: avo, sprouts, tomato - $7

ADD bacon - $2    ADD egg - $1

sunrise: plain cream cheese, basil, tomato

open-faced -$8   closed-faced -$7

ADD cream cheese to any Bagel -$1

ADD spinach to any bagel - $.5

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LOX (alaskan wild caught)

the new yorker: plain cream cheese, dill, onion, capers, lox - $16

the classic: plain cream cheese & lox 

open-faced -$13  closed-faced - $10

the b.l.a: lox & avo  -$10

(add cream cheese for $1.00)

the cascade lox: tomato, cucumber, sprouts, lox, pcc (Close Faced) - $14


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red eye: beet, carrot, ginger, lemon - 8

the green: celery, cucumber, apples, kale, parsley -8

tangy tonic: grapefruit, apples, ginger -8

orange zinger: orange, carrots, ginger -8

cold buster: lemon, ginger, apple (served hot or cold) -6

green berry buss: kale, banana, blueberries, H2O -8 

green monster: kale, pineapple, apple -8

tropical treat: coca, h2o, banana, mango, pineapple -8 

classic: strawberry, banana, juiced orange -7

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